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            • Intensive Driving Courses Top Image

            Intensive Driving Courses

            If you've got a deadline to meet, taking an intensive driving course could help you pass your driving test as quickly as possible. We've got a range of 3 different crash courses to suit you, starting from a 20 hour course, going up to a 30 hour course, and you'll be able to complete whatever course you choose in just 1 week.

            Before Starting your Course

            As with all intensive courses, it is advisable to have at least a basic driving ability before you start the course. We will also usually require a notice period before you can start your course, so please call us on 01843 231800 giving us as much notice as possible (preferably around 3 weeks).

            If you're hoping to take your driving test at the end of the week's driving course, please ensure that you already have a valid Theory Test Pass Certificate, both parts of your Provisional Driving Licence, and ensure that there is a test date available at your local Driving Test Centre (please do not book a test until we have confirmed our availability for the date and time of the test).

            Course Prices

            Number of Hours Hours Per Day Price
            20 Hours 4 hours per day over 5 days £490 (driving test fee is additional)
            25 Hours 5 hours per day over 5 days £585 (driving test fee is additional)
            30 Hours 6 hours per day over 5 days £685 (driving test fee is additional)