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            • Andy Dingsdale

            Andy Dingsdale

            Manual driving lessons in Thanet, Herne Bay and Canterbury

            Andy is a fully qualified DVSA registered driving instructor based in Broadstairs in Thanet. He has a very calm and friendly manner, and can put even the most nervous and anxious learner drivers at ease within minutes.

            Andy specialises in:

            • Manual driving lessons
            • Teaching new and anxious students
            • Motorway driving lessons (once you have passed your driving test)
            • Pass Plus Registered (once you have passed your driving test)
            • Refresher driving lessons
            • Intensive driving courses

            Craig teaches in a Mini One Diesel fully equipped with He-Man dual controls.

            Services Available

            • Manual Driving lessons
            • Intensive Driving Courses
            • Pass Plus Courses
            • Motorway Lessons
            • Refresher Driving Lessons

            Areas Covered

            • Driving lessons in Margate
            • Driving lessons in Ramsgate
            • Driving lessons in Broadstairs
            • Driving lessons in Minster
            • Driving lessons in Westgate-on-Sea
            • Driving lessons in Birchington
            • Driving lessons in Herne Bay
            • Driving lessons in Canterbury

            Days Available

            • Monday - 9am - 6pm
            • Tuesday - 9am-6pm
            • Wednesday - 9am-6pm
            • Thursday - 9am-6pm
            • Friday - 9am-6pm
            • Saturday - 9am-6pm
            • Sunday - Closed

            Contact Andy

            If you've got a question or you'd like to have a chat with Andy before booking your driving lessons, please feel free to get in touch with him using the details below:

            Tel: 07546 457632