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            • Charlie Stephenson

            Charlie Stephenson

            Manual driving lessons in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate, Westgate and surrounding areas

            Charlie Stephenson is a DVSA registered Driving Instructor based in Thanet, and he teaches manual driving lessons and Intensive courses, refresher lessons and motorway driving lessons. He is an extremely patient and friendly instructor, and his calm nature puts at ease even the most nervous of learners.

            Charlie teaches in a new Renault Clio, fully equipped with He-Man Dual Controls.

            Services Available

            • Manual Driving lessons
            • Intensive Driving Courses
            • Refresher Driving Lessons
            • Motorway Lessons

            Areas Covered

            • Driving lessons in Ramsgate
            • Driving lessons in Broadstairs
            • Driving lessons in St Peters
            • Driving lessons in Margate
            • Driving lessons in Garlinge
            • Driving lessons in Minster
            • Driving lessons in Acol
            • Driving lessons in Cliffsend

            Days Available

            Flexible days and times to book your driving lessons.

            • Monday - 8am-8pm
            • Tuesday - 8am-8pm
            • Wednesday - 8am-8pm
            • Thursday - 8am-8pm
            • Friday - 8am-8pm
            • Saturday - 8am-8pm
            • Sunday - 8am-8pm

            Contact Charlie

            If you've got a question or you'd like to have a chat with Charlie before booking your driving lessons, please feel free to get in touch with him using the details below:

            Tel: 07830 166775